Why do I bother?

I recorded Strict Machines playing some acoustic tracks, through my £100+ external soundcard and £25 microphones. And then found they recorded better through the laptop's onboard microphone.

That USB sound box, complete with mysteriously mono recording capabilities, random dropouts, and low signal level is going on Ebay soon. I'm sure some game player can find a use for it.

Then they play another few songs, decide they don't want the takes, before thinking an hour later maybe they did. So why had I thrown away their takes. Gah.

Following a late night surge of energy, they play five songs straight through without a hitch. And ask for eleven CDs of it for their friends. Okay, I'll burn eleven CDRs tomorrow.
Paul T backed up his files - including the two novels he's written - just before I upgraded his computer. I replaced his 2GB hard drive with a new 6GB one.

Now he can't find the backups he made, and I don't know which 2GB hard drive is his.
Max and his theatre company expect to watch themselves on video tomorrow afternoon (this afternoon). The cleaned up audio has so many artifacts it's unlistenable, so I have to find a different way to improve the audio. And then transfer the result to VHS.
Oh yes, and John M called to say his computer wasn't working. Unfortunately halfway through his description, his phone stopped working too.
Well, at least I know what tonight holds. Cleaning up video sound, making a videotape, plugging in small hard disks, and wondering I became 'old reliable'.

You are my future self. Perhaps you know what I've been doing wrong.

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