Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. I've just said goodnight to H. We spent far too long hugging and kissing before he cycled away from my house. We didn't want to stop, so we just...kept on doing it.

I feel lightfooted and lightheaded. The same way I felt after D and I spent that weekend in London. I don't often get to feel like this, but it's a destinctive sensation. Like contentment but with caffine overdrive.

Oh bugger. There's absolutely no way a full blown relationship could work between us - we're two very different kinds of people, both busy with things the other has no real interest in, with different outlooks, and different aspirations. The only thing we have in common is being terrible at relationships.

We went to see a stage play called 'Going Dutch'. It wasn't actually very good - cardboard characters, obvious jokes, and a saccharine feelgood message. Not badly acted or scripted, just very...middle class, middle of the road, middle aged and mediocre.

We retired to the pub, perused the porn magazines on display, and proceeded to disagree amicably about the nature of drama, the advisability of a science of comedy, and the difference in mindset between physics and biology.

I asked him about aquatic ape theory - he didn't know much about it, but felt it explains a few strange facts about human biology at the expense of the great mass of common facts explained by the savanah theory.

Oh, we did agree about The Passionate Ape. Two pairs of eyes rolling in unison.

What am I going to do? Probably just what he said - get some sleep, and call him later.

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