Headlines to deadlines

Big headline in today's local rag: SEX SCARE. Below a half page picture of a football manager.

The byline explains that one in eight women 'may' have an STD. And the picture relates to another story. It would save time if the headline every day was ASYLUM PORN CELEBRITY PROBE DRUG TERROR SHOCK, accompanied by a random picture.

It should be possible to specify a tabloid story in BNF, and write a chomsky grammar to generate them on demand. Another little project to try when all the other little projects are done.
Arranged a night out with H tomorrow - probably involving a depressing film about nazi war criminals called 'Downfall'. Just what I need after a stageplay about concentration camps.
I still haven't filled out the GTTR application form yet. Still can't think of a few (moderately truthful) paragraphs which would convine a besuited jarhead I'd make a good teacher.
I may have seemed a bit predatory about Brin, but I wasn't being serious. It's just that, at age 19 he reminds me so much of me when I was that age. Mistrustful of authority, worried about getting 'old' (being nearly 20), fascinated by the entire universe and everything in it, and faintly resentful that there's only one lifetime to see it.

Perhaps we all get to see ourselves as others see us, but 14 years after the fact.
I spent this evening with the cast of the play, helping them agonize over details of their performance, and slag off the director. As is traditional.

It's now nearly 2300, and I don't think Nick will make IRC tonight. I'll leave the room open for a while, read some James Burke (that's James 'Connections' Burke, not James Lee Burke) and probably doze off as the computer automatically captures Event Horizon on BBC1, my phone recharges, and all my deadlines get one more day overdue.

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