A good filing system isn't difficult to come up with, and with a bit of forward planning not difficult to implement. To sort out a badly implemented version, though, is another matter. My dear mother, god bless her, has many admirable qualities, but carefulness is not one of them.

It's going to take days (maybe weeks) to sort out her inconsistant version of my system for naming and filing video recordings. Still, if more people were as annoyingly fixated on detail as myself, there would be little need for technicians and problem-solvers like me to make it right.

I've just spent six hours burning new CDRs and recatalogueing old ones. Barely a dent made in the task, but I'm exhausted. So...time for bed. It always seems to be time for bed when I write the day's blog entry.

Set the phone to give me five hours sleep, so I wake up at midday like an art student. And be bright and alert and musical, not remotely like an art student.

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