It's a mad world world world world

The songfight admins decided to pretend the site was closed down and up for auction. An obvious fraud, and inevitable considering the culture of the place. Most of the denizens of the board are baying their delight like the bunch of fucking sychophants they are.
The TV news is that the pope is still dying, and in other news the world is still doomed and there's a new film out. Sometimes I think I should pay more attention to the (quote) factual media. Then I do and remember why I don't.
I've got a fair theoretical grasp of C++ now, and I've found the SDK for VSTs and VSTIs. Next I'll have to look at the mathematics of DSP.

That's likely to be a lot more difficult. Partly because it's more complex, and partly because my background in programming helped me get to grips with C++, but I don't have a background in maths to help me out.

And meanwhile get some practice writing C++ programs. Even though I don't have other projects that I can use to practice with.

First though, there's more OU work to catch up on. The chapters on earth sciences.-----In case you haven't noticed, I'm feeling stressed. Well, trapped and frustrated. I really need to spend some hours with H tomorrow. He can be infuriating, but he's never stupid.

Actually he can be bloody infuriating, but never through mindless spewing of cliches or playing childish games. He treats me like an intelligent adult.
Why am I in a strange organisation like the Socialist Workers Party? It's because they treat me like an intelligent adult too. And because they are mostly worthy of just the same respect in return.

The most recent recruit to the local branch is Eddie C. He's been working with us as part of Veterans For Peace and the Stop The War Coalition for months, so he's not a new face.

Eddie is an ex-soldier, and looks for all the world like a handsome, weatherbeaten thug. He was stationed in Northern Ireland, sometimes doing nothing for months at a time but check passports and papers at checkpoints.

Sometimes he was hiding behind bushes and spying on local politicians, reporting their dull daily routine through a radio for someone else to transcribe and put in a folder.

And occasionally diving for cover at any loud bang that could be a bomb or a gun. Interminable hours of the most incredibly pointless, boring pseudoactivity, and random minutes of blind screaming panic.

He's on antidepressants and antipsychotics. It almost drove him mad. Eddie is a kind, intelligent, self aware man. He thinks and reads deeply. Without the drugs he's subject to unpredictable rages, and crushing depression. With them, he's a pale shadow.

This is something worth getting angry about.
What else is there? Oh yes. The Strict Machines are in an international 'battle of the bands' type of competition. So the practice sessions are frequent and intense.

This is not the time for Paul T to finally get a girlfriend. But that's exactly what he's doing.
It felt good to write that lot. Or rather, it feels better now having written it. Perhaps I'll even go to bed now.

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