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Strict Machines got knocked out in the first round, unsurprisingly losing to two bands with much more commercial sounds. No one seems upset about it.
I have an impulse to write a song, even though there's nothing I especially want to write about.
Reason 3.0 is in the shops. The new 'Mastering Suite' looks suitably amazing and plugs one of the two big gaps in Reason's abilities. The other one being sampling for vocals.

Oh, and the faders are now automatable - a strange omission from earlier versions. There is still no VST support, which does make sense within the Reason philosophy, but is still a little annoying.

The Equaliser, Stereo Imager, Compressor and Maximiser look up to the usual high standards. Obviously there are other things it would be nice to have - an exciter, a multiple band phaser, a reverse delay unit. But some of these should be constructable using the new Combinator.

Whenever I think I've reached the edge of Reason (so to speak), I find some new application for one of the modules, or there's a new version out.
EDIT: Just done it again. Discovered the advanced delay unit can be configured to reverse in a dropdown unit. How could I have missed that? Doh.
I managed a grand total of seven minutes on the exercise bike today. Plenty of sweat, lots of laboured breathing and high tempo heart thumping, just not much good.

My cholesterol and blood sugar are on the high side of normal, and I'm overweight without being actually obese. So it feels like I should able to manage climbing stairs without needing ten minutes to recover.

Alright. If it's going to take a slightly crash diet and a more definite routine, that's what will have to happen. There's about six weeks till the Marxism2005 conference - aim to lose two stone and climb stairs without difficulty by then.

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