Typical. I find a way to make recorded vocal sound better, and next day I can barely sing at all. I sound like a cat with emphasema - weedy and out of tune. Gah!

It wouldn't matter so much if I didn't think the backing and lyrics were pretty good.

Perhaps it's not surprising, as a flight of stairs leaves me out of breath. I'm hoping this is just a result of me being even more out of condition than I thought. If it isn't, well, we'll see.

Plan of action. Wait an hour or so and try again. Try to get some more exercise for several weeks. If that doesn't help at all, see a doctor.
My father is getting delusions of grandeur - he thinks he's a pillar of the community, based on his involvement with neighbourhood watch and local social orgainisations.

He's proudly telling everyone of how he threatened a woman with legal action if she parked in 'his' space. And now he's bothering the council about the presence of 'undesirables' and 'nutters' in 'his' road.

Idiot man.
EDIT: Three hours later, trying to record vocals, and it just isn't working. God this is frustrating.

If I were just a terrible musician, lousy songwriter, and awful vocalist, I could give up music with a clear conscionce and only small regret.

But I'm an okay musician, reasonable songwriter, and usually an adaquate vocalist. Except that today I can't sing.

I have no trouble with walking away from what I could never be good at. But it's just unbearable to walk away from what I could do well, but can't.

Try again. For another half hour at least. If it won't work today, and fails tomorrow, then I'll give up on this track.

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