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Not a great deal happened today (yesterday). Crawled out of bed at 1pm, so I could get to the theatre to get tickets for me and H, for wednesday evening.

Burned a load of movies and episodes of detective serials to DVDR. Encoding 'The Man With Two Brains' as I type. While listening to Status Quo and Squarepusher - interesting combination.
Got around to watching episode 2 of the new Doctor Who. Very silly, but charmingly so. Intriguing to hear that Gallifrey was destroyed in war - by implication civil war.

Nothing like 'classic' who, which could be just as silly, but was never self consciously (reflexively) silly. And unlike 'classic' who, I don't think it'll become a classic.
I spent last night reading up on the basics of DSP. Quantization errors, sampling rate errors, filter ripple unpredictability...And similar. With a little maths and some concentration, none of the individual ideas seem especially difficult.

The thing is, the same is true of everything in computing. 250 easy-to-assimilate ideas is still 250 ideas to get through, and to keep straight once learned.

In this case, I have to learn in some detail about structured C++ programming, digital signal processing, and Steinberg's software development kit for VSTs. Plus a revision of my slightly rusty skills in graphic design, and some more on synthesizer architecture.
My parents have discovered eBay recently. Mother has got herself an electric violin, and Father an 'investment' in the form of a jazz 78 record.

There is an irony in this. All the family are musical, though most of us aren't especially good at it. The irony is that the one who has no musical pretentions at all is my brother. And he's a world class expert in exactly the area I'm researching - DSP algorithms.

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