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I was born to solve problems. To make things work, to fix what's broken, and get the world functioning smoothly.

And like everyone else born with the technician's gene, I tend to treat other people as problems to be solved, or at least riddles to be understood. Which means when I somehow become 'involved' with someone - as a friend or lover, mentor or student - I can understand the dynamics of the relationship just fine. I just can't cope with them.

And also like everyone else of my strange tribe, I'm no good whatsoever at solving my own problems. I fall in love with a wonderful man, and my emotions collapse in a wriggling heap on the floor. They won't listen to reason, they won't calm down, and they won't resolve themselves into a neat, stable, pleasant relationship.

It's also just bloody typical that this happens for the first time in my 30s, instead of my teens. Still, at least the second time it happens, I have the wit to let the genie out of the bottle slowly, so there's time for us both to find out whether it's a good idea. Well, the wit to try, anyway.
This train of thought started when I noticed how intense and irritable I was when frustrated in recording a song, and how cheerful and 'released' I felt when it was completed.

Nothing Less Than Everything is recorded and submitted to the fightmaster, and I'm going to take time off songfighting to concentrate on other things. Like finding a viable job, studying for the OU, getting into teacher training, fixing up the remaining computers in the pile, reading the big stack of books on my 'to read' list, learning some more C++ and DSP, and doing some proper exercise. And seeing H.

Oh yes, and maybe sorting out all those emotions that I understand, but can't deal with.

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