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I've come up with a backing for 'One More' - more complex and dancable than the initial demo. Unfortunately the new backing works best as slow evolving acid/industrial house, which doesn't really fit with the song. Looks like I've got a promising song without a backing, and a promising backing without a song.

Nevermind, it's all useful.
Here is a list of songs I've written or been involved in up till now. This list goes back to about 1995. There are maybe a dozen that I wrote in previous years and have since been lost.

Elvis in Space
Gallows Hill
Goodbye Monster
Half a Stone
Jimmy Hat (cutup of Ginsberg's Howl)
Let It Be (Sub: Song for N, aka Forever)
Man Speaking German (sub: Ein Libeslied)
Motor Psycho (as Down With Ginger)
New Sex (sub: Fornication in Church)
Nothing Less Than Everything
Run Faster (sub: Zen Wisdom)
The Puppet's Dream
Under the Wagon

12 Monkeys (written by Kamakura)
Dark All Day (written by TV's Kyle)
In the Gutter (written Liechty)
Piece of My Heat (aka Zero to Phantom, with Andy Balham, written by me)
Systematic Panic (written by Kamakura)
Talk About Your Feelings (written by Poor June)
Texas (with Kamakura, written by me)

The K Twins:
Does She
Have You Ever
One More

All White in the Whiteness
Chemeleon Man
Dealer Man
Midnight / Midnokto
My Computer's Found God
Pride (written by Jon Gilbert Leavitt)
Red Hot
Ring of Steel
Riverrun (Part 1)
Riverrun (Part 2)
The Man (aka The One)
Video Sex Bomb

Most of these could benefit from being rerecorded.

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