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The replacement Teacher Training submission forms have finally arrived, and just as soon as I can think of something sincere sounding to write in the 'Why I Want To Be A Teacher' box, I'll send it off.
There is a 'reading' - as opposed to full perfomance - of The Investigation in the D-Day Museum on Monday. As usual with all events organised by the left, it isn't very organised. Publicity is late and limited to say the least. I'll probably video the event because - to be honest for a moment - the camcorder they have is rubbish, and this may turn out to be the only performance the company puts on.
It is entirely possible that everyone I know either hates the new Doctor Who, or is supremely apathetic towards it. Well I thought tonight's episode (Aliens of London, Part 1) was childish, silly, cheap, cliched and wonderful fun.
An evening spent with H, nursing alchoholic beverages and not quite seeing eye to eye on all matters political and philosophical. We were both rather tierd - he from a day out touring the galleries of Bournmouth, me just because I'm tierd all the time.

Oh, we did agree that the Hitch-Hiker movie will almost cirtainly be dire.

Tea back at his place. It felt strange because I really like being with him, but conversation is sometimes difficult. We can talk honestly about pretty much anything, including how we feel, without worrying about offending each other. It's just that...we're right for each other, and completely wrong.

I said one thing which he latched onto, and seemed impressed by. "Sometimes you meet someone and think, 'You are the brother I should have had.'"
I am, as usual, behind on academic work. All the other little projects - music, DSP, C++, DAB and computer building - all go on hold for at least one week so I can catch up.

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