I won a songfight. With a song I wasn't going to enter. Bloody hell. 27 people actually voted for little old me.

I once told Nick I'd never win because the SF community was so heavy with musical snobs who think synthesisers aren't real instruments. So, either they've got less snobbish, or I've gone native. Which is more likely? Oh dear.
I've got the DAB system finally up and running again. It's set up to record music shows and documentaries over the next week.

This means most of the radio I hear is at least a week old. Sometimes it's more than a year old. So I sometimes hear the next big thing when it's already been and gone.
As a teenager, all I wanted to do was study the world, read books, and occasionally have sex with strange men. Now I'm in my thirties, all I want to do is be with my friends, make and hear music...erm, and occasionally have sex with strange men.

Well what do you expect? From someone who got into politics at 27,, and started listening to 70s prog rock this year. Perhaps I'll start wanting to be a steam train driver when I'm 40.

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