A song about 'Everything'

On Saturday I wrote a song inspired by Massive Attack's Teardrop. On Sunday I wrote a backing track to go with it...and hated it. On Monday I wrote another one based around a synth patch I'd come up with but didn't use on Sunday. I hated the second track too. Today (Tuesday) I wrote a third backing based around a synth patch I came up with accidentally while working on Monday's track.

It's almost finished and I like it. It sounds an early New Order B-side - grungy synths, dominant beat, and too much reverb on effects. I haven't recorded the vocals yet - and they're going to be difficult. But I'm messing around with multiband compressors, so I can hopefully get a clear vocal over the lo-fi backing.

This bit of production - EQ and compression - is the bit I need to get a lot better at. It's also the trickiest. These are preliminary settings for vocal multiband comprssion:

0Hz-200Hz - reduce by 6dB
201-1kHz - unchanged
1kHz-5kHz - increase by 3dB
5kHz-10kH - increase by 9dB
10kHz-24kHz - increase by 6dB

I've been using them on Nick's and my vocals for Systematic Panic - they do give a 'light', 'airy' sort of feel to vocals, but sibilants (/s/ and /t/ especially) can be overemphasied.
Oh yes, the lyrics.

Make a circle in wet sand
Trace it over with your hand
Are there one or two?
No answer
Say your name a hundred times
Then once more and you will find
Only sound remains
No meaning

Your life is not a waking dream
Your soul is made of flesh and bone
Your eyes reach out and touch the world
Snd see you're not alone

Chose one door, choose one of three
Million dollars in your reach
Should you change your mind?
No problem
One was saved and one was damned
Faith is not to understand
Why do you believe?

Your time is not a pointless joke
Your soul is made of hair and skin
Your hands reach out and grasp the world
And hope for truth within

Nothing less than everything
Nothing more that you can hold
Nothing matters anymore
When you're bought and sold

Featuring references to Jaques Derrida's denial of the aristotelian law of identity, the Monty Hall problem of probability inheritance, and Waiting for Godot. Ha!

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