The Role of Letterboxes in Progressive Politics

I was woken up this morning by a telephone call reminding me that I was supposed to be electioneering in Hove.

Five minutes later I was munching breakfast (a golden syrup sandwich and bottle of water) in a car, with John W (socialist social worker), Jan (socialist nonworker), Donna S (socialist artworker), and Daisy (Donna's three month old baby).

Two hours spent in one of the more genteel parts of Hove, pushing RESPECT election leaflets through letterboxes. The houses all had names like 'Lavender Cottage', and the streets were full of dogwalkers.

You know you're in Hyacinth-Buckett-Land when you see men walking corgis, and couples in casual slacks washing already shiny cars in driveways big enough for three.

I returned home to find some positive reviews for 'Nothing Less Than Everything', The Andromeda Strain nicely encoded overday in my absence, and no new emails. I've tried to arrange IRC chat times with Nick, but he's being silent at the moment - probably enormously busy. As I should be, in fact.

Right. If the next few entries mention topics in maths and/or science, you'll know I've been doing my studying.

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