Less Music, More Apes

MS postponed meeting tonight till thursday. Seeing as I'd completely forgotten we were due to meet, this is probably a good thing.
John M's computer is, once again, as expected, fucked. Popups, what sounds like spyware, and what could be a corrupted registry. So, I'll be there tomorrow morning, probably to invalidate some warrantees by reinstalling XP - but doing it properly.

Which means I actually need to get some sleep tonight. This is my contribution to the english left - I keep the computers working.
Reading some more about Aquatic Ape theory led me here. The Passionate Ape, by Craig Hagstrom. The biggest pile of dren I've read in months. Here's a small quote:

When women lost reliable coital orgasms, they evolved passion as a partial replacement. That is, if you don't have a climax, you can still enjoy the intimacy if you love the guy. Passion can't cope with the partner's promiscuity, so passion demands monogamy.

Later we 'learn' that evolution has made the male of the human species stupid, because smart men can see beyond their current sexual relationships with women towards potential others, which makes them promiscuous, The trouble is that promiscuity erodes social bonds. So, nature makes men dull to preserve society.

Unfortunately, women are so sickened by how stupid men are, that they refuse to reproduce, preferring to masturbate. Thus the only women who do reproduce are the most repressed ones, who make their children repressed.

You think I'm exagerating? From the horse's mouth:
Male intelligence declined after our return to land, because intuitive and perceptive men understood women too well, and could too easily see prospects beyond their own hearth.

Men share self-repression, inherited from their mothers...We did not evolve to rape, but a couple cannot mate until the sum of their enthusiasms exceeds the sum of their fears. If women evolve reluctance, men must evolve pushiness.

On it's own, this is harmless cretinism - one man rationalising why his lovelife doesn't exist. The trouble is, it seems to be popular cretinism - the Amazon reviewers found this dreck profound and insightful.

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