The Pope Must Die

Once again I was woken up by a telephone call. This time it was MS. Masturbating.

Well it was midday, and he has nothing if not a healthy libido. I've never actually experienced phone sex before. But he seemed happy.

What he really called about, though, was to arrange a meet this evening. I said yeah, why not.
Most of the day was spent without internet connection. The problem (as usual) turned out to be a cable not-quite-plugged-in.

Not that I needed to bother - no worthwhile email or songfight board activity.
Oh yes, maths and science. Been reading about probability.

The most likely outcome is the one that can occur in the most ways.

The probability of several independant events occuring is the product of their individual probabilities.

The probability of several mutually exclusive events occuring is the sum of their individual probabilities.

Mendel's Peas. Ratios. Mean, median and Mode. Sample and population. Standard Deviation. X-bar and Mu.

It's quite lucky (so to speak) that I did most of this in GCSE maths.
I've just switched on the news as I was writing that.

My god. Oh my fucking god. I haven't been paying attention to the media speculation about the next pope, and I didn't think the vatican could be so barefaced as to elect Ratzinger as the new pope. A pseudomoderate puppet he could manipulate, yes. A far right, hate filled ideologue representing him, cirtainly.

But this...this is like electing Dick Cheney to replace Bush. Which I suppose could happen.

There ought to be a word for this kind of experience - one of shock but not surprise. A combination of fury at what those people do, with a resignation that this is exactly the kind of thing they always do.
I could have been a priest in that church.


EDIT: MS cancelled. He has to babysit for a friend. You know you're getting old when your friends have children. I suppose you know you've got old when they have grown up children.

So I'm all alone with a maths book and a pad of notepaper. Being lonely with a book doesn't make you much less lonely.

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