"Space, is big"

I always feel like this after a night out with H. Happy and uplifted at what we have, but regretful that we can't have more.

In the event we didn't go to see the depressing film about nazi war criminals. Instead we sat in a the Old Vic, discussing the history of dog breeding, legends involving damsels in distress, and past boyfriends.

We never seem to hug until we're saying goodbye. And when we hug, we don't want to say goodbye. We just want to go on hugging.

Next week...The Bloody Awful Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy Movie. With Stephen Fry as the (probably camp) book.
In some insane moment of weakness, I agreed to do some more electioneering in Hove again on Sunday. I will therefore probably be awakened (again) by a telephone call to that effect.

And then there's the forum in the evening. So, a day of seeing my comrades, followed by an evening of seeing the same comrades.

Must get some sleep.

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