M for Message. Message for M

On impulse, I checked my gaydar messages. I haven't logged on to that site for months, but when I did there was a message from M. He'd left it on Feb 25th.

He wanted to know if I was single again. Oh god. We had a ten day relationship, and managed to break up twice. Six months ago. And he's still thinking of me?!

I sent him a message back, saying we just weren't right for each other. I don't know how he'll respond. Perhaps since he sent the message he's ceased to hold a candle for me, in which case...fine. Maybe he'll just take what I said as another cruel rejection.

Hey, maybe I misunderstood his message and I just rejected him needlessly. In which case I've made a pillock of myself, but there's no great harm done.

I think I do know what will happen if we meet again though. He'll cook something excellent for me - which is great. Then we'll end up in bed together, which is good. And I'll be persuaded to stay the night, which is okay. And in the morning he'll want me to come back soon and do it again, which is bad.


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