Sound off, vision a bit off

The footage I shot of The Investigation looks and sounds a lot better than I expected. I'll still have to process the sound - reduce noise and normalise volume.

The cast have arranged to meet, view their performances, and work on anything they don't like, tomorrow at 1pm. So that gives me a deadline for producing a cleaned up VHS. It also gives me a free lunch and a chance to contribute to a project I didn't have time to be part of fully.

They want to produce a four hour audiobook of the play. I could certainly take care of the technical sides of such a project, but the university have sympathetic technicians and students who can do it better.
This evening I'm finishing off the installation of Paul T's computer, hearing the latest songs of Strict Machines...and getting another free lunch.
Before that, read the chapter on Statistics. I've barely studied any statistical methods at all since Stephen Jay Gould's 'Mismeasure of Man' - and that was 15 years ago.

I must have been 18. I can remember it, but I can't imagine it.

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