A Weakness for Paleontologists

Tonight's SWP organisational meeting was uneventful, except for a new member. Brin, 19, student of paleontology and biology, politically active and astute. And he's got lovely hair too.

No, he's happily straight and we'd make lousy lovers and the contents of his head is far more interesting than the contents of his baggy jeans.

We sat in the pub with John M and Joe R, outlining marxist views on epistemology, scientific method, cultural influence on metaphors in cosmology, the psychology of religion and a whole load of related stuff that I enjoyed immensely.

Then Brin and I walked around Portsmouth for nearly two hours discussing it more. I think I overwhelmed him slightly by having read more about his specialism than he had - I got a bit carried away. Bad of me.

But he's a really passionate broad ranging intellectual, and it was a wonderful stimulating night out like I haven't had since...well, since meeting H. Who, if I haven't mentioned it, is in the same field.

Okay, short version: I'm happy to have met a kindred spirit.
Watched 'The Face of Evil' - adventure of the old Doctor Who - while eating an unpleasantly large quantity of chocolate. I feel slightly sick.

With luck, Nick will be on IRC tonight. It's been a long while. Looking forward to it.

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