The Insomniac Post

It's half past four in the morning, and it looks like I have no hope of getting to sleep. Well, I probably will be sleepy by 9, when I'll be sorting through software CDRs and preparing the overhaul John M's computer. Which will probably take several hours.

Given luck, there'll be time for a snooze in the afternoon, before a genteel night out at the theatre with the man I'm going out with, but not exactly going out with.
The songfight boards have temporarily turned into a forum for arguing theology. That's arguing, not discussing. One troll has metamorphosed into an intelligent and thoughtful young man, some hitherto likable posters have developed a sudden impulse to idolise a polish man in a silly hat on the occasion of his death, and some of the more frivolous posters turn out to be well informed and skeptical.

All very surprising.
I've read a little more on DSP. My god, the subject gets bigger and more complex each time I look at it. I must ask my little brother whether he's got any 'idiot's guide to sound processing' type books. 'ABC of DSP' would be nice, followed by 'FIR, FFT and LPF in C++'.
Oh well. There's only one thing for it. Get dressed, and finish season 4 of Babylon 5.

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