Pedal and Pant

Well, I got the song into songfight. The general tenor of the reviews so far is "Nicely produced, but the triphop groove doesn't fit with the rocky guitars, the singing doesn't fit with either, and the chorus is inaudible." Probably accurate. So far no one has accused me of glorifying terrorism or martyrdom.
This morning I cycled for an hour with my eyes closed. Luckily the bike was stationary in the cellar. I'm finally trying to get fit (again). The advantages to being fit and active are many. H will stop needling me about being so unfit. Tom, the teenager who wants to meet and shag, will not be turned off. I will have to find a different reason to be insecure and shy. Oh, and I would stand less chance of a fatal heart attack at age 40.
Oh bugger. I knew I'd forgotten something. There's another essay to write. And 200 pages to read in perparation. I haven't even looked at the questions yet. Just like being back at university.

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