Low to Heroes

I spent about 90 minutes on IRC with Nick. It cheered me up greatly - prattling about music, computers, television, the Da Vinci code and work. I really did feel like killing myself a few days ago - I probably wouldn't have done it, but I still felt like it. How strange that the difference between happiness and self destruction is time spent with a friend.

We're loosely set to collaborate on the next songfight - his lyrics and voice, my instruments and production. He is very sensibly trying to get back into the habit of sleeping at night. I on the other hand...am not very sensible.

There's a backlog of films to be DivXed on this computer, and another backlog of DivXed films to be burned to DVD on the laptop. Plus a third backlog of TV serials to be edited and burned on a third computer, and a load of recorded radio shows to be edited on the DAB computer. So I've made a start on the first two of these.

Tomorrow (later today) I've got some more computers to pick up second hand. Trust me, it will all make sense eventually.

I'm sort of tierd, but don't feel like sleeping. What I would really like to do is drink a cup of tea and watch a Babylon 5 recording or two. Seeing as I suppose I am unemployed again (as opposed to merely unoccupied), I may as well enjoy it.

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