The university library sent me an invoice a week ago, for two books that I borrowed while in their employ. After being dumped for inconveniently succeeding when I was set up to fail, I wasn't in the mood to return them, so put them to one side to read later...and completely forgot about them.

Well, six months later, they noticed the loan on their records, and politely asked if I could either return the books or pay replacement costs - £15 each for volumes 1 and 2 of Introduction to Music Theory by Eric Taylor.

Seeing as it's an out-of-print standard work, and they have 5 or more other copies, and these remain unborrowed by other students - possibly because the university doesn't have a music department - and because I think they're very interesting...I've paid the 'replacement' costs. First books I've bought in years.
The song is in, Nick likes it, I'm pleased with it, and now there's the wait for new titles. I need to work more on compression and EQ for vocals - at the moment I just apply one of Audition's standard vocal compressors, add a little reverb, and leave the frequency distribution alone.

I really ought to take a week off songfighting, to concentrate on other musical projects.
Objectivism remains one of my favourite crank philosopies. I came across This site while surfing accounts of yet more splits and excommunications in the cult. Heavy stuff - like all defences of Capitalism it's really an attack on Marxism, and indeed vice versa. But it may be more than "The market hasn't solved the problems it created only because the governments haven't given it enough freedom."
I've let the OU work slide. The first major assignment is due on March 22 - Nick's birthday, I think - and I need to get a move on.

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