A little love. And a lot of other stuff

I've been in love just once. It was the most painful and ecstatic experiece of my life. And I don't have the strength to go through the same feelings again.

I just tried to write a song about it, but I couldn't. The words came easily enough, but something in me was shouting 'Don't go there'.

I'm not sure it's a good sign to cry when trying to write lyrics.
There's plenty to take my mind off my own messed up emotions. The Strict Machines want to do a quick and dirty live EP, so tomorrow I'm lugging the laptop and microphones to the practice studio they're renting.

JS postponed our appointment for me to fix his computer till Saturday. His project to set up classes for amateur artists who want to know about art theory is now underway. He wants me to give my lecture on colour theory in a few weeks - which I'm happy to do.

I've set myself the modest goal of an hour's aerobic exercise per day. With my wierd sleeping pattern, the best time is between four and six in the morning, just before I go to bed.

I'm tweaking the lyrics and structure of my better songfight songs, so I can start rerecording them. There's plenty of hours in the day to do it, there's just not so many hours when I have the energy.

There is exactly one reason to make money from music. To buy new instruments and boxes. These people make me want to get rich, so I can give them my money, and make symphonies.

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