Man Machine

I have a complete first draft for 'Friend'. This is what it looks like at the moment:

What you see
Is all there is to me
What you see
Is what you get for free
What you get
Is what you had at the outset
What you get
Is everything i regret

Verse 1:
I...have everything i need
Except a reason to live, and
I...have the money to buy
But no reason to try
You...say you've nothing to give
So there's nothing i can take, and
You...have no reason to care
And that's what we can share

I need a friend
I need a helping hand
I'm not looking for a one night stand
I need a break
I need time
I don't need you to be mine

Verse 2:
When...when i look at myself
I don't know who I am, and
Then...i go out in the night
For a dance and a fight
Sometimes...when I sit on my own
I wonder what went wrong
Sometimes...i just want it to end
That's when i need a friend

It'll need some rewriting, and restructuring. In the meantime, Nick and I are collabbing on 'Systematic Panic' for Songfight, and maybe on a sidefight. For the former, he does what he does best - writing and singing - and I get to do what I do best - composing and mastering.

SM's computer worked okay for a record breaking two weeks. I'm going to take a look at the blasted thing, to see if it can be upgraded with bits from one of the university's old Dell machines. Or rather, whether his RAM, hard disk and peripherals can be transplaneted into a Dell 450.

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