Gaining in my art

The sun is out / The sky is blue / and Nick has sent me / an email too...

It is indeed a nice sunny day, with sky that is probably blue behind the clouds, and Nick is back home recording some vocals for us. His sister's husband suffered a minor stroke - the kind of thing that takes years for the victim to recover from, and rearranges families at (so to speak) a stroke.

If you want to define an Act of God, think of a freak storm, meeting your cousin on a blind date, or a blood clot in the brain.
There's two new old computers cluttering up the place. Two boxes, each with monitor, keyboard, mouse, and printer. And far too many cables. One will go to SM, or rather, I will canibalise his old computer and one of these new old computers to make another new but old computer out of old bits. And something similar for Paul T. And then the same again for JS. Payment from each: £35 plus all the gossip and tea I can stand.

Oh, and then I'll have to fix JM's printer again. GAH!

Why do I get more business now that I'm not in business anymore?
Tomorrow I have some stupid forms to take back to the job centre, so it might be an idea to fill them in. And then I have a tutorial for the OU, so it might be an idea to read the relavent unit.

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