Oh what a lovely day for...

When I woke up this morning, I thought "Today is a day for disembowling a computer, shoving the bits into another computer, and fiddling around with them till they work."

Well, I didn't, but I should have done, because that's what happened.

Apart from that, reviews of 'Systematic Panic' have been mostly positive, though the comparisons to David Bowie and Pink Floyd must be about Nick's vocals. My music is more like Jean Michel Jarre via Joy Division.

I'm seriously tempted to do something for 'Man Date' for the next fight. Just because the title says 'camp, 70s disco, over the top, fun, and camp again' to me. I should give it a miss though - far too many other things to do, including canibalising more bloody computers. Some of which are even for me to use.

Last night (this morning) was spent watching Babylon 5 DivXes, drinking tea, and munching far too many chocoolate buscuits. Tonight (this morning) it will be different. In that I'm out of chocolate biscuits.

I can't afford to stop living with my parents. Which is lucky, because I've come to love living in a house with 8 working computers (plus four more in bits), endless technical challenges, and a great big pile of digital videos. If only I could share it with a boyfriend.

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