Sound and the suburbs

My first experiment with equal temperament. I made a set of single cycle sawtooth samples, each at a frequency that was an integral multiple of the 440Hz root - one sample per scale note. I arranged them in Reason's sampler, and played some chords.

The sound was different, somehow clearer and crisper. Not gobsmackingly pure or unusual, but distinctive.

I need to find a way to make Reason or Sonar play in different temperaments, instead of constructing miniature synths like this. If that's not possible, there may be some VSTs that can manage it.
I posted the OU assignment off, and wandered around the shops for an hour. Then sat on a bench with ambient music playing into my ears, reading in The Big Issue about hypocritical American attidudes to Islam, and hypocritical British attitudes to suicide. Both are on the rise - the phenomena and the hypocrisy.

I only mention this becase it was the best part of the day. I'm not sure it's a matter of feeling happy or sad - it's more of feeling content or frustrated. Sitting there, I felt content, unpressured, free to enjoy. I can't imagine a heaven of everlasting joy, but I can picture one of peace.

And music.
Happy Birthday, Nick.

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