The Low Symphony

Okay, I'm still here and it's the old one-day-at-a-time routine. And it's like wading through treacle. Tonight there's a forum on the industrial aspect of the holocaust. Interesting subject but I really don't want to go. It's depressing, and I happen to know the speaker - he's an expert but a pompous buffoon. H hasn't got back to me - I'll try to arrange a meetup by text message. Where's a good friend when you need one?

I've just realised two things. First, the forum is next week, not tonight. Second, I'm starting to sound like Richard Geefe.

Geefe was a Chris Morris character in the early 90s. He wrote a series of articles in the Observer chronicling the countdown to his suicide. It was a spoof of journalists who write about their fights with serious disease and terminal illnesses. I definately don't want to sound like that. Though weblogs are almost by definition self absorbed. I'm tempted to delete the last few posts, but the other promise I made was not to delete anything I'd posted.

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