I must be very out of condition. I used to be able to manage 2 hours cycling without much difficulty - now I can barely manage 20 minutes.

Neither H nor Nick have got back to me. Both have busy lives and can disappear for days at a time, but I'm feeling quite low, and a word from them would help.

My parents are up in London tonight, enjoying their retirement with a night of Chopin and Mozart. Being left alone means I can concentrate on whatever projects I feel moved to work on. But it also means there's no one to talk to, at just the time I could use some company.
EDIT: H sent me a text message. He's going to spend easter with family, and suggests we meet up afterwards. Gah!

I've been reading about theories that link depression, obesity, and food allergies. Perhaps 'hypotheses' is a better word, because there's a lot of guesswork and speculation. It's an interesting possibility that people may be addicted to the very foods they're allergic to. Though I find it more plausible that people get fat and unhappy because their lives and food are both shit.

Nevertheless, the possibility that I can change my mood and my body by the same method of cutting out some commonly allergenic foods...is appealing. I eat far too much chocolate and not much fruit or vegetables - the typical techie with a desperately unhealthy diet.

Actually, breakfast today was two cups of tea and three chocolate biscuits. That, in itself, could do with changing.

Hey, maybe if I start tonight (that's tonight, not tomorrow morning) I'll be slimmer and less bloody depressed when I finally get to see H again.

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