We're so screwed

Today was a day of screwups.

I set some TV programmes up to record, but forgot that the 10 minute capture limit I'd put in place while testing the system, was still there. And I forgot to change the default capture resolution to the full 720x576.

I did manage to record vocals for Gallows Hill, but my voice wasn't very good. And listening back, the mixing isn't as good as I thought it was.

I messed up big time with the night's forum. It was on 'Why Immigration is not a Problem'. At least it would have been, if I hadn't completely forgotten that the room was double booked. I knew this a week ago, and meant to make alternative arrangements but, well, I was so wrapped up in getting people there, that I forgot to arrange it somewhere else.

Kapitano is thus not terribly popular with the local politicos at this moment.

H and I are both feeling a bit awful - we've got these lingering colds, and I think I've eaten something that doesn't like me.

Being a cultured sort, he wants to see a production of 'Going Dutch' that's on at the theatre next week. Seeing as this month he's the more bankrupt of us, I'll look at getting tickets.
JS called. He's got an elderly, sick computer, which I'll be either reviving or pronouncing dead on Wednesday. The price for my profession services - cost of any new software, and one of his famous slap-up curries.

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