As usual, I have given all my attention and time to my own projects, and left the work I'm supposed to be doing till the last moment. There's the first major assignment for the OU course due in on the 22nd, and I've only read parts of the coursebook. So, that now has priority.

Nick is writing a song for 'Systematic Panic', but I haven't heard back from him yet - about that or 'Friend'.

H texted me to say he got my messages, but couldn't respond because he was out of credit. Now he says he can't meet at the weekend, because he's on a short course in bloody Pembrookshire. He is a very busy man, and his reasons are allways plausible. I just can't help wondering if he's avoiding me.

I've been meaning to contact the jobcentre to find out exactly where the hell I stand - which category of 'jobseeker' I'm now in, and what they intend to do about it. If they decide what I really need an 'Intensive Jobsearch Programme' they can go fuck themselves. I don't have the time or the patience for 9 hours a day of that bullshit.

What else? About a year ago I taught myself the rudiments of chord theory. Now I'm trying to go beyond that. There are in principle 27 possible triads, but in practice only 8 of these are generally used. However, there can be up to 7 notes in a chord - any more and the extra notes would be in unison with the first 7, so wouldn't 'count'. Things get a bit complicated in the 4-7 range, with some notes shifting into unison or dischord when sharpened or flattened. Anyway, more on this when I have some of that 'time' stuff we used to have so much of.

'Last Temptation of Christ' is on tonight. Dreadfully dull film as I recall, but I'm recording it anyway. Compare and contrast: 'Last Temptation of Christ' - boring and controversial. 'The Passion of the Christ' - watchable and crap.

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