A quiet day, and nothing that I can tie in to a Kraftwerk album title.

I missed the demo. There were about 100,000 there, which in the newspapers should become a grudging 20,000. In my case I'd had less than half an hour's sleep, and was in no fit state to get to the coach, nevermind walk from Hyde Park shouting slogans.

I did manage to do some of the OU assignment. The mark will be rubbish, but I'm allowed to 'default' on one essay - exclude it from the final average - so this will have to be the one.

Yesterday I finished a backing track for 'Systematic Panic', and then decided I didn't like it. Today I came up with an alternative, and only then decided I didn't like it. But the first one may not be so bad. Sigh. It seems my muse allows me one decent period of inspiration per month, and this month it was 'Friend'.

Things to do:
* Get some bloody exercise before you hit 16 stone
* Do your bloody OU work before you have to rush for the deadline
* Have a proper bloody relationship
* Bloody well finish what you start

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