This morning on television:

The Nazis: A Warning from History (Part 3)
A series about how an urbane, tolerant culture known for science and the arts became a genocidal police state in just a few years. The title warns: It could happen again, just as easily, anywhere. Followed by

Torture: The Dirty Business
How the 'Special Retrival Unit' kidnaps 'terror suspects' and leaves them with U.S allies who torture them. Followed by

The Boys from Brazil
A daft thriller about a Nazi plot to clone Hitler. Followed by

Torture: The Guantanamo Guidebook
A prurient reality TV show thinly disguised as serious journalism. People who approve of Guantamo Bay are imprisoned, humiliated and tortured. TV Go Home may be dead, but it's satire has turned into prediction.

There is no such thing anymore as irony.

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