Doctor, doctor

Have you noticed? The return Dr Who has got more media coverage than a dying pope, a royal marriage, and a war, all put together. And yes I will be watching it.

I've just spent most of the night burning CDRs. There was something of a backlog of DivXs clutting up one computer - 9 DSNs and 19 TNGs. Which makes nearly 20 hours of Star Trek. And while doing that, I listened to 80s disco music, and read Doctor Who slash stories on the internet. Gay stereotype? Me? What makes you think that?

There's also Fawlty Towers and Reggie Perrin recordings to be burned. When I can face them. Sleep might be a nice idea before that though.

On the one hand, I'm impatient for the new songfight titles. On the other, I need to give myself time to study. Nighty Night.

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