Why do I feel so completely shattered? I'm not depressed, just almost permanantly exhausted these last two days.
Backing music for the festival done - apart from minor tweaks and possibly short 'link' tracks that go between the songs. They should both be quick to do.

I'm waiting for Nick to get back to me on mp3s of the results.

Really looking forward to being on stage. Maybe I'm too tierd to be nervewracked.
Saturday's Dr Who was an odd combination of gothic horror, fun silliness, polysexual inuendo, and a great big feelgood factor. Actually I thought it was bloody good, just an uneven hybrid.

The forums discussing is have been all about...two brief jokes. Both about gay flirting. Plus one line that some people insist is also somehow gay. Page after page of arguments over whether children should be allowed to know there are gay people in the world. Jesus Christ.
At the last forum - two weeks ago - Christina C brought along her boyfriend and 8 year old son, Matthew. They were talking about the last time they visited a gay disco, saying I should have come too.

Matthew piped up, saying I couldn't go, because I wasn't gay. CHristina said oh yes I was. Matthew looked at me incredulously, said "You're not gay!" and burst into laughter.

Apparantly I'm not camp enough!
A quote I came across from George Orwell:
"Political language...is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind."
Right. Sleep. That's an order. So there.

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