Go for the Burn

I have three computers chock full of AVIs, and big stacks of CDRs and DVDRs waiting to recieve them. Unfortunately, I don't have superfast burners, or much time.

I think it's probably possible to take pleasure or find interest in any job in the world, except when the job involves catching up on a backlog. Maybe because there's no sense of achievement in clearing a backlog - it's just a matter of running extrafast to avoid slipping further behind.
Tonight, the Sci-Fi channel broadcast the final Babylon 5 movie - Legend of the Rangers. The idea was to spawn another serial set in the B5 universe, but having now seen the film, I'm not surprised that it failed.

It was cack. Not one interesting character, not one good joke, not one moment of surprise. Plus laboured expositions and a plot cobbled together from bits of two earlier B5 films - Thirdspace and A Call to Arms.

The new Doctor Who may have it's problems, but in comparison it's a work of genius.
Right. I promised myself I'd do some of that 'exercise' stuff. So. I suppose I should.

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