Everybody's looking for something

I think last night was the first time H and I slept together. Not had sex, actually slept together. I was in a bad way - a little bit drunk (yes, I know), completely exhausted from a bike ride, and feeling a bit sorry for myself about lost youth and missed chances.

H held my hand and talked about how he felt the same way, but was slowly coming to live with it. Then, unexpectedly he said 'You can stay the night if you want'.

No sex, just hugging and drifting in and out of sleep. I felt very happy - contented.

In the morning of course we were both bleary and in need of more sleep than we'd got. He's got a a book to finish - that's writing, not reading - and I've got some fiction to write on some application forms.
I have cancelled my debit card for the second time in a week. If the cancelled card turns up somewhere safe...I probably won't have the energy to be annoyed.
There's a forum tonight, on the class structure of the army. Should be interesting, though I'll need another few hours sleep beforehand if I'm to be alert enough to learn from it.

So. It's midday. Sweet dreams.

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