Back to reality

Okay. Election over, Labour back with majority reduced, LibDems same figures as usual, Tories still have no real leader and no members under 65. UKIP and Veritas nowhere, BNP made small gains, so the the Greens.

And George Galloway MP for RESPECT will be insufferably smug for the next few years. Selma Yacoob came second in her constituancy - she's got more credibility and charisma than Galloway, so I think will be a name to be reckoned with in years to come.

The Dorset and Hove results for RESPECT were, of course, terrible. Standing there was, it turns out, more a matter of not alienating potentially useful allies than an attempt to elect someone. No surprises really - when you're building a coalition you sometimes have to do stupid things to hold on to friends.
Now, I did have a life before I let politics take it over for a few weeks. There was an Open University course, which I'm now too far behind on to pass. There was some music, which is still 'almost finished'. And no end of books in the 'read sometime soon' pile.

Oh, and there was my plan to get fit. Well, less fat anyway.

I'm applying for several jobs. The interesting one is 'Tutor' (as opposed to quallified Teacher) of adult literacy. I probably won't get onto any teacher training course this year, but next year, with more experience and a better CV, hopefully.

A lot of things I want to do, but the opportunity and the motivation to do them never seem to coincide. Either that or I'm lazy and disorganised.

Oh well. Back to shite, back to reality.

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