Relax, you are feeling sleepy

I'm going to try something new and unexpected. Tonight, I shall actually attempt to get to sleep before 7am. In fact, I shall be lying down with my head on the pillow by 1:30am!

That's after drinking my glass of hot milk with two chocolate biscuits.

I've finally spoken to Strict Machines about being supported by The K Twins. They are all for it. Right now there's two small gigs lined up with no room for a second band, plus a recording session. Guess who's the recording engineer?

After our big Hastings gig (panic panic), there's a venue pencilled in, though the exact date is still uncirtain.

I've got the backing for Twelve Monkeys essentially finished (created from scratch for the 3rd time? 4th?). I've just got to synthesise a proper set of drums for this track and some of the others that we'll be playing.

Just as I once spent far too much time on the SongFight boards, now I spend far too much time on the Outpost Gallifrey boards. They are much bigger, with many more posts per day in many more subsections, and are much more nerdy!

Right. I'm awake, alert, feeling happy, and it's time to go to bed like a sensible person.

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