Life continues, and life goes on

I didn't actually manage to sleep last night. I was just finally dozing off at 0400, when the mobile rang. John M, saying he'll be here in ten minutes to take me to the airport.

He'd barely slept, so the two of us sat yawning and driving in the rain, before picking up Lee, who of course had had a good night's sleep.

Anicet Mayela is a 22 year old man from Congo Brazzaville. Most of his family were killed, and by chance he esacped a year ago. He is a key witness in one of several against GSL (Global solutions Limited), who just happen to be the company that wants him deported.

We met seven others at the airport, plus one official who thought it was "odd that so many people would gather in the same place". Translation: They knew who we were and why we were there.

The plan - sightly insane as it was - was to find passengers and staff on the 0630 Paris flight, and persuade them to make trouble on the plane about a man being deported to his death.

I did say it was slightly insane. Well, the airport security and the local police gave us two hours of only moderate harrassment, essentially letting us do our thing, while letting us know it was at their forbearance.

They didn't want trouble, and some probably secretly half agreed with us. It's not uncommon to find security personnel reconciling their personal feelings with their duty by doing their job mildly and slowly. Obviously you can't trust them, but they aren't monsters.

I was absolutely terrified. We all were - even John, who's been campaigning for 40 years. Eventually we got moved on and drove home.

I got an update later. The Anicet wasn't deported. The air crew refused to take him on board. Did we help to make that happen? Unknown.

He's back in detention now. His escorts to the airport broke one of his wrists getting him there, and a rib getting him back. So he's injured and imprisoned, but alive.
So how the hell can you follow that? In my case, I went to the dentist, for a check up and 'hygenic' tartar removal. My teeth are now so clean you could eat off them.

It would have been nice to have more than an hour's sleep before having my teeth scraped, but Paul T decide to drop round and bitch at great length about how life's little injustices get to him.

We don't know anyone who goes on and on about how unfair their life is, do we? Course not.

I'm in the final stages of a second demo of 'Friend'. More or less the same structure as the first, but with a more 'acid' feel, and more suitable for making an extended 'dance' mix.

The day isn't finished yet. There's still the other half of John's essay to transcribe. He's composing it as I type, and will give me a call when he requires my keyboard skills.
EDIT: Essay all done and posted. It's 24 hours later, and I've spent 13 of them asleep.

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