Together, briefly

Just as I was about to call H this evening, he called me. He's got a job. Nice little college in Southampton, 20K a year, friendly atmosphere and precisely one collegue in the science department.

So, celebratory drinks tonight, other things postponed till tomorrow. Things like recording vocals and chasing up the paperwork involved in following him into the real oldest profession in the world - teacher.

My internet connection seems decidely flakey today. So I'll have to post this when I can actually connect. Be seeing you.
By the wonders's of dodgy internet connection, it's now nearly eight hours later.

H wants to take a holiday somewhere exotic before starting his job in September, so we'll be out of touch for a while. He also wants to come and see The K Twins perform next month.

We talked about a lot of stuff and I got rather drunk but the important thing is, when we parted outside my garage door, we hugged for a very long time. At least half an hour, standing under the stars in each other's arms.

He told me I was a lovely man and I should take every opportunity life offered. Easy for him to say - he's already done it.

It's not easy to describe the feeling of holding someone you love and admire very much - someone who incomprehensibly feels the same way about you - knowing your lives will soon go in different directions.

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