Jush a Little Drinkypoo

I have half a (small) bottle of vodka left in the fridge, so I'm experimenting with 'Vodka and Milk'. Two conclusions. First, it goes wonderfully with chocolate. Second, I really need to try a better brand of vodka. Third, I'm a bit drunk after half a cup of two thirds milk and one third vodka. And fourth, I can't count.
SongFight has finally been updated, and the reviews are starting to come in for Nick's 'I Forgot to Remember'. So far they're all positive. I think they like the song more than the production I gave it, which is fair enough - we are supposed to review songs not recordings. Though I'm not sure how they'd respond to the unprocessed version.

Nevermind, it's a good song and soulfully sung. It can't be just me who always feels like he means what he sings, even when I know he doesn't really.

Oh, and elsewhere in songfight, the stupid lyrics I wrote in ten minutes for a thirteen year old boy's turtle...were recorded in 'deep south banjo ho-down style' by Mostly Harmless.
Cold milk and vodka is interesting. Hot full fat milk, with sugar, and a bar of chocolate, with a shot of vodka: lovely. All that while watching the best new Doctor Who by a long shot - Dalek - is absolute self indulgence.

Apart maybe from the headache.
My parents have got a vinyl deck from Ebay. With which to put some of their classical and jazz LPs onto CD. As usual, they haven't thought through how to do it properly, and as usual they justify it by saying "We paid for it, so we'll use it how we like."

Why am I a perfectionist? Because my parents are sloppy.
Why am I interesting in science and logic? Because my parents think "because I say so" closes the discussion.
Why am I still living with these people? Because I'm broke.

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