Wierd world

Drink and chat with MS. Three big surprises. First, that he actually turned up this time. Second, that he's off the alchohol, amphetamines and ecstasy. So presumably this time next year he'll have a wife, a mortgate, a patio, a suit for work, and plans for two children.

Oh, and third, he wasn't looking for a blowjob behind a tree. Truely a changed man!
Now. A small moral dilemma. The choice is between either

(a) Getting up at four in the morning, riding for an hour in a car, and joining a protest at an airport against the extradition of a stranger. On the grounds that his 'home' will execute him for political opposition. Or

(b) Stay in bed, safe in the knowledge that the protest has little chance of being effective.

I have to get some sleep tonight, because I'm up at four.

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