Rush, Rush

Suddenly there's not enough hours in the day again. Respect want all their members to be out on the streets leafleting, talking to the public, and campaigning on any issue they can find. Paul T has a sick computer and two half novels to print out. And I have to sort things out with the OU, the GTTR, my bank and the jobcentre.

More than that though, the K Twins have a gig. It's at the Hastings music festival, with multiple hundreds watching, and a 20 minute slot. All of which is very good. We have four weeks to prepare. Which is not good and is bloody nervewracking.

This is the plan of action: I come up with prerecorded backing tracks and live triggerable samples for the four songs we've selected. Nick and I practice our singing seperately. Before the gig, we meet and practice together. Then we go on stage and try desperately not to murder our own material.

So I have at most two weeks to produce and master our music. Less if possible. As schedules go this is a little bit tight.

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