Today is the first day of...the same old thing

Once again it's four 'o' clock in the morning. One again I'm reading pleasantly pointless webpages (this time on Outpost Gallifrey) while recording one film and encoding another in the background - both of them about dead bodies, in fact. The Body, concerning the discovery the ramains of an un-risen Christ, and Kissed, about necrophillia.

If today follows the usual schedule, I will decide to have breakfast sometime before five, eat it watching a 70s sci-fi show, realise I'm sleepy between 8 and 9, go to bed and wake up around 3 in the afternoon. Yeah, alright. I'm a slob.
The night before the election, I bumped into CW. And his dog, Ben - a lovely big brown floppy thing of uncirtain breed. He's just as much a slob as me, but goes off to Dubai and Munich and places in the states I haven't heard of every few months. Plus he speaks Italian and has an 18 year old boyfriend. And the nice dog too. I rather envy him all these things.
I lost my wallet on Friday. Someone found it and actually mailed it off to the university - it had my staff membership card in it. It should have arrived by monday, when I can pick it up.

Seeing as I lose things so easily, the universe must have decided to make me lucky in having me find them again. Wallet, bike, computer files, pieces of paper.
Simon F remains impossible to contact, and H remains impossibly busy. I feel like I'm approaching the end of a holiday.

EDIT: 06:41. Blake's 7. Porridge. Sleepy. Bed.

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