I did not especially need my phone to stop working today. Seeing as it's also my alarm clock, I overslept. And as it's my main connection with several people who are important to me, they might be wondering where I am.

Today is the day for once again spending two or three hours fixing Simon M's computer. That is, a complete reinstall of operating system (for the second time in a month), plus NTL internet connection and software (likewise).

Someone once suggested that the reason I mend computers so often is that technology breaks when I'm nearby. Something to do with Morphic Resonance. Hmmm.

My father is on the phone downstairs discussing how 'they' drive around in better cars than 'us'. By 'they' he means 'asylum seekers', by which he means 'forigners', by which he means 'dark skinned people', by which he means 'wogs from bongo-bongo land'. By 'us' he means 'the resident's association'.

Maybe Morphic Resonance works on people's minds too. When they come near me their minds break down. It might explain why other people get to live in communitites of nice folk, while wherever I go there are idiots.

Incidentally, my father's heroes are all the great jazz musicians, most of who were black immigrants. Of course, my father is just a hypocrite. But maybe what some people say is true - Music has no colour.
EDIT: Okay, pissed again. Simon has wonderful taste in wine, and now (I hope) a fully working computer that won't refuse to boot in a few days time. Three glasses of wine, plus three gin and coke's in the pub with him afterwards. I'm really glad my childhood gave me no tolerance for alchohol - unlike his.

For my troubles, I have a DVD of Hungarian studs doing what studs do best. When I can consistantly see only one screen, I shall watch it.

Took me a lot of missed keystrokes to type those paragraphs.

Now. Meet H tomorrow for, er, more drinks.

Fucking blog won't log on. Save and post later. Goodnight.

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