Say Kids, What Time is It?

This should be the 'Four 'O' Clock in the morning' blog. Once again it is approaching that hour, and I'm encoding some Iranian films, skimming through some Doctor Who webpages, occasionally listening to some music, and sometimes trying to write some.

I've been collating all of my lyrics that I can find. So far, there's 34 surviving songs. This is the latest to be rediscovered, based loosely on Visage's Fade to Grey:

Standing on another empty platform
Waiting for another train to come
Through a rainstorm, finding a new home
I don't really care where it goes

Step off at a deserted station
In a place i never heard of before
Chose a history, chose a new name
Another life, I'm just a broken chain

I've written a pseudonymous review for the most recent Dr Who adventure for Outpost Gallifrey. Don't know if and when it'll appear on the site. I ought to sleep, but I can't. That could be my mantra.

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