Jinx (Part 2)

In the list of things I could happily live without, an "NTLDR Missing" error message on my computer is near the top. This is a problem with the early stages of bootup, and as such the backups that I made of stable windows installations are useless.

The windows installation itself is probably just fine, as are the various files and partitions. The problem is I can't get to any of them.

The Dell computers that I got for Paul T and Simon M have proven to be less than perfectly reliable. Paul T's computer refuses to recognize any of the four modem cards I've tried, and Simon M's computer just slows to a crawl.

Oh yes, and my three layered security system for John M worked for about a week. Now he's knee deep in popups for viagra again.

As Reggie Perrin would say: GAAaaahhHH!

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